Stevie has been asked to be mentor for the British Fame Team, and the winner of #Hairexpo Apprentice of the year 2016 for Hairexpo iconic evening #GENNEXT. Team english has done two shows at next Gen and in Stevie's eyes really helped to put Stevie English Hair on the map. 

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Shaun McGrath has made finalist for Australian Avant Garde Hairdresser again, this is the second year running our creative specialist has made this prestigious honour. We wish him and the other guys who are nominated good luck. 

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It’s hairdressing awards season again, and this year Stevie has been nominated as one of six finalists in the Creative Colour of the Year category at the Australian Hair Fashion Awards. Our superstar apprentice Louise Williamson is finalist for Apprentice of the Year, and director and creative specialist Shaun McGrath for Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year. Louise has had a big year already, as she is also in contention to win the same award at the HBIA Forum on March 26th, and is finalist in the Rising Star category.

Apprentice of the year  finalist image - Louise Williamson (photo: mal q damkar)

Apprentice of the year  finalist image - Louise Williamson (photo: mal q damkar)


Hairdressing awards are a big part of out industry and every category is very competitive, so we are proud of all of our team’s hard work. Awards are a great chance for hairdressers to push the boat out creatively and come up with some truly amazing hair creations. 

Christmas Hair in Glebe

Ho Ho Ho!

Christmas is coming up sooner than you may think. We are about 10 weeks away and as we all know, it marks the end of the year but that's 2 more appointments MAX. What kind of statement do you want to make this year? Whether you are looking for something new for Summer, or maintaining your classic style, we have your back. We are currently booking up appointments so we recommend calling up soon to lock in your look for the festive season.


Dry shampoo, our party favourite


You may know of dry shampoo as your go-to styler for those in-between wash days… but did you know that you can use it as a texture and volume styler too? Party season is coming up with halloween parties, school formals, office christmas parties and of course new years so #teamenglish want to ensure you guys are all set and ready for any last minute plans.
We stock a wide range of dry shampoos and also carry travel sizes, which are perfect to keep in your handbag for super hot days or to take with you on little getaway end-of-the-year trips! We also recommend leaving some at work so that you can quickly style from day time to night for any after hours events.

Styling Hair is a serious game in Glebe.

We have found our new favourite brush! Brushes are a hair stylists' magic wand - Every stylist has certain favourite brush that seems to work just for them, but here at Stevie English we have found a brush that the whole team loves. 

It's a dream for for detangling - it's amazing for getting knots out! No more kids tears! Move over tangle teezer. 

 The blowdry experts are loving it for wrap drying as the brush moves around the head for comfort . Come see us in Glebe to try it for yourself!

$22.00 from Glide  

$22.00 from Glide  

Curly Hair expert in Glebe recomends matrix

Alex who is a senior stylist and our resident  curly hair expert recomends Matrix Biolage Defining Gel-cream for curly hair -  because "you will get a much better moist curl and helps stops the frizz that can be every curly hair owners worry" in his words.  

Matrix BIOLAGE  Defining Gel-Cream $30.00

Matrix BIOLAGE  Defining Gel-Cream $30.00

Hair in Glebe just got better!


Our lease is ending in Bondi, which gives us an opportunity to merge our salons into one amazing creative hub. We are shutting the doors on our Bondi salon on September 17 and  making Glebe our home.


The exceptional talents of Shaun, Alex, Sadie, Manet and Harrison are returning to the mothership and joining our powerhouse Glebe team to make an amazing flagship salonand one #TeamEnglish

Having a rich depth of talent in our team allows us to provide a wide selection of options. We have all stylist levels on offer from New Talent to Senior Director, and longer opening hours to cater for all our wonderful clients.

We now can focus all our talent in one space and we look forward to seeing you and your hair in Glebe!


Our hours are:

Tuesday 10-6

Wednesday 10-9

Thursday 10-9

Friday 10-7

Saturday 8-4

Alternate Sundays 10-4


Teamenglish bonkers-ness is now under one roof - watchout! 

Teamenglish bonkers-ness is now under one roof - watchout! 

This hair  

This hair  

Trend Alert: Creative Undercuts

The Undercut is a term used for the shaven areas of a hairstyle. Whether it is at the nape of the neck or on the sides, it can be a fun way to add dimension and an element of surprise to your everyday style.

We believe that with changing trends more people are willing to be adventurous with their precious locks, and while the undercut can be a bit daring at times, it can also be used as a tool to help lighten the load for thick haired people.
As for the creative stuff, we love making the regular undercut more exciting - adding shapes, layers and sometimes colour. If this tickles your fancy, our cutting experts at Stevie English will be able to come up with something unique for you and your style!
Hair by Shaun in our Bondi salon  

Hair by Shaun in our Bondi salon  


Snapchat and Pokemon Go at Stevie English Hair

So if you are around one of our salons today you can get our filter on snap chat - Happy snapping, and if you are on Pokemon Go user our Bondi salon is a pokestop! I might have set up a lure so why not grab a Pokemon and some #matrix shampoo while you are at it! What a wonderful world we live in.  If you want to follow the salon antics on Snap search Stevie English Hair or @englishhair and to follow the Guv @stevieenglish  (WARNING) You might get more than just hair stuff.

Our snap filter  

Our snap filter  



Our mural is a pokestop  

Our mural is a pokestop  


One of our core ideals at Stevie English Hair - Is to have as much fun as possible and to be happy.


It definitely is my goal, I love my job and I get to work with so many creative people. This year I’ve been across the Globe for Matrix educating and playing at colouring hair. And here in Australia I have spent my time educating, hanging in my salons with my cool staff and working on The Voice as Hair Ambassador for Matrix and we are only half-way through the year! 


We believe that being happy is a great thing, and part of that feeling, is feeling good about yourself - and obviously we think a great hair can help.


I was reading an article the other day that was about the two things that go along with happiness; expectation and surprise. We like to think there’s some fun expectation of your booked appointment for Stevie English hair and the surprise - Well we don’t ever want to surprise any client. But we do like to help and assist with the look you want to achieve - I know our team (teamEnglish) have so much skill and creative genius that can help to add and suggest ways to make your look even more you!  So we hope that you have a style thats even better than you imagined - and thats always a happy surprise!


We like to think that when we are all happy we feel good about ourselves - so thats why this Saturday we would do something fun.  Just because ... 


You’ll be able to snap your new snip from stevie english hair on snapchat whilst in the salon - and add our exclusive filter to your image - its just for the day - its a first for a Hairsalon and we hope you’ll have fun adding your happiness surprise and perhaps a little expectation to it as well!

Happy hair right there! Happy hairdressers too! So tomorrow in our salons play on snapchat and use our exclusive filter. 

This beautiful hair makes me happy . Hair by Leah in our Glebe salon using matrix 

This beautiful hair makes me happy . Hair by Leah in our Glebe salon using matrix 

Snip and snap and Stevie English Hair