Q1. What Is One Of Your Favourite Quotes?

"When I am tanned and in shape I feel confident about my appearance." 
Peter Andre

Q2. What’s Your Favourite Indoor/Outdoor Activity?

Going to birthday party's 

Q3. What Sound Do You Love?

People partying at Northies 

Q4. If You Could Be Any Fictional Character, Who Would You Choose?


Q5. What Songs Are Included On The Soundtrack To Your Life?

1. No diggity -blackstreet 2. The boy in mine -Brandy and Monica 3. Creep -TLC 4.  You make me wanna -Usher 5. No scrubs -TLC  6. Regulate Warren G 7. Hard knock life -Jay Z 8. Gin nJuice Snoop Dog 9. Juicy Biggie 10. California love Tupac ... I can go on for hours 

Q6. Can You Fake Any Accents?


Q7. Do You Have Any Hidden Talents?

Maybe cutting hair... don't tell anyone 

Q8. What Is On Your Bedside Table?

My phone 

Q9. What Is Your Lucky Number?


Q10. Which Way Does Your Toilet Paper Hang On The Wall – Over Or Under?


Q11. What, Or Who, Are You A ‘Closet’ Fan Of?

90's R&B although maybe im not a closet fan just a massive fan